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CONTENTS: Four Full Films, Broken Down Episodes, Trailers, Digital and Written FABL Guides, Promotional Materials + Movie Licenses. Films included: Speechless, Expiration Date, Privy & Where We Go From Here

Speechless: Jonah suffers from an anxiety disorder which prevents him from speaking. But when his grandfather Chuck shows up at his own funeral reception, things begin to take an interesting turn and Jonah finds himself in a predicament he could have never imagined. His battle between reality and the past sends him on a whirlwind journey to find his purpose.

Privy: Will, in an attempt to escape from his troubled home life, digs for antique bottles in the woods. One day he encounters a mysterious man, a bottle hunter named Darby. He leads Will to a treasure trove of bottles buried deep within an old Privy. As their friendship develops, Darby begins to help Will navigate his tough circumstances at home. But Will soon discovers that Darby is more than he presents himself to be, and Will is thrown into a whirlwind of strife that he never saw coming.

Where We Go From Here: Rex lives a quiet care free life in a van on the beach. He is satisfied by his simple and solitary existence. But everything changes when his sister Roz gets out of prison and convinces him to drive her across Texas for a fresh start. Their travels begin to revive their relationship, but Roz has an ulterior motive, which propels them down some dark roads that Rex was not prepared for.

Expiration Date: Four long-lost childhood friends re-unite under the creative thumb of Reynolds, an optimistic teen who longs for his younger days. Reynolds digs up an old time capsule that they buried when they were young. It’s filled with forgotten memories and aspirations which take them on a crazy adventure they will never forget.